• PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0542
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0538
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0537
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0521-Edit
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0516-Edit
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0515
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0496-Edit
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0457
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0454
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0452
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0450
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0449
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0444
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0568-Edit-Edit
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0527-Edit
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0500
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0491_HDR-Edit
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0461_HDR-Edit
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0438-Edit-2
  • PH_WHTBRN_12-13-14_0437-Edit


Another of POWER HOUSE’s build. T-RAM was the bike built by Erik at his previous job for Tony (now part owner of Power House). This bike has been one of the main milestone for Power House. It won the “best paint” award at the A2 Bike Week, placing Power House and its custom paint services on top of the paint game.

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